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MyOn - ebook library available to pupils

Hello all.

The school has invested in a subscription to the MyOn library of ebooks. This is over 4000 digital books which the children will be able to access on a kindle, PC, tablet or phone. Hopefully this will enable children to keep reading on a daily basis even if they are running low on physical books. For KS2 pupils, the ebooks directly link to Accelerated Reader and so, once they have read the books, when they take the quiz, it will automatically update the child's reading percentage towards their termly targets.


For licensing reasons, it doesn't include hugely popular titles - you won't find Harry Potter on there - but there are lots of interesting looking titles that we are sure the children will enjoy.


If you go to classes and then the video resource library on this website, Miss Legault and Miss Roberts have put together a short instructional video on how children can log on and access the books. If you experience any problems, please email your child's class teacher via seesaw or the year group email address.


The link is