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School Catch Up Strategy Post Partial Closure

20th November 2020


Yardley Primary received £33000 to assist with catching pupils up with with any learning that may have been lost during the period from March 2020 to July 2020 when the school was only partially open.


We assessed all pupils for Maths and Reading in early September to identify which pupils had the greatest need for additional support. Priority will be given to those children who qualify as 'disadvantaged'.


Autumn Term

Funding was used to provide 10 weeks of additional tutoring outside of normal school hours for 68 pupils from Years 4 and 5. These took place in small groups and were to provide targeted lessons to fill gaps in learning identified by the assessments.


We set up a Saturday school, running from 9am to 12pm, which was open to all pupils from Year 6 and Year 3 staffed by 6 teachers and one Special Needs assistant. As well as Maths and English work, these sessions provided an opportunity to catch up on some of the Science and topic lessons which the children had missed. For example, the Year 6 pupils covered the Aztec History topic which they missed from Year 5. With many other clubs closed it was also another opportunity for children to see each other socially.


Small booster groups for Reading (3 groups) and Maths (2 groups) in the afternoon for  specifically targeted Year 6 pupils.


These measures have cost approximately £13000 for the Autumn term.


Spring term

Pupils will be assessed again in December. This will help to identify pupils who are still behind their expected progress levels. Small group tutoring sessions will again be available though priority for this term will be given to Year 6 and Year 2.


Saturday school will be for Year 5 and Year 2 pupils.


Small booster groups for Reading and Maths in the afternoon if required for pupils identified through the assessments as needing more support.


Consideration will also be given to employing an additional teacher on a short term contract to support teaching and learning. This will be funded through savings in other areas such as money which was budgeted for trips, swimming lessons etc. which is not currently being spent.


Summer Term

As per our usual assessment cycle, pupils will be assessed again in March. Small group tutoring will be available for pupils from any year group where they are still showing the greatest gaps in their learning.


Saturday School will be for Year 4 and Year 1 pupils.


Small booster groups for Reading and Maths in the afternoon if required for pupils identified through the assessments as needing more support.


Our final round of assessments will take place in July 2021. The school is confident that with these interventions, coupled with the high quality teaching the pupils receive in their classes, that the majority of pupils will be back to at least their expected levels by this point.


Based on the costs for the first term. The school will have spent an estimated £40000 (more if we employ an additional teacher)