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Yardley Primary School

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The School Day

The School Day (Please note, this is our regular school day pre-Covid restrictions. we are currently running a staggered timetable)


Registration and Collection Times

Juniors: Start – 8.50 am - End – 3.30 pm

Infant and Reception: Start – 8.55 am - End – 3.25 pm

Morning Nursery: Start - between 8.30 am and 9.00 am     End - 11.30 am

Afternoon Nursery: Start – 12.45 pm     End - between 3.15 pm and 3.45 pm



Infant and Reception pupils:

10.30 – 10 45 morning break

11.55 – 12.55 lunch time

2.10 – 2.25 afternoon break



10.20 – 10.35 1st break

11.40 – 11.55 2nd break

12.55 – 1.55 lunch time


In the morning all pupils, except nursery children who are taken in by parents, line up in the playground and are brought into school by their class teacher. Parents are requested not to enter the building as a health and safety measure.


Parents are urged to see that pupils are presented in good time and to avoid the embarrassment of being late. Remember though that no responsibility can be accepted for the safety and welfare of pupils before school begins. Furthermore, no responsibility can be assumed for children remaining on the premises after the close of afternoon school unless they are involved in an organised club.


All infant children must be collected from the school by their parents unless permission is given by the parent for them to be collected by someone else. We also need to be informed if children are to be collected by other adults. We strongly recommend that children of infant age be not allowed to go home alone. Children who are not collected will wait in the office with a member of staff until such a time as they are. Junior children who are not met also wait in this area and not outside school, for reasons of safety. Infant classes are taken to the infant playground for collection. Juniors exit to the playground themselves.


To help parents should they need to drop their children off earlier in the morning or collect them a little later, we run a free drop-in homework club each morning in the computing suite for junior pupils. This is supervised by a member of staff and runs 8.15am - 8.50am in the morning and 3.30pm to 4.30pm after school.


On morning when it is raining heavily, the school will open at 8.40am. Juniors are to enter via the lower junior entrance and infants via the lower infant entrance. Please do not enter through the main entrance on wet mornings.


It is extremely important that children are collected on time. Staff have regular duties and meetings to attend after school and are not available for child care. 


What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects on the curriculum page on the website. Please be aware that, particularly in Maths and English, pupils are often working on curriculum areas either above or below their chronological age depending on their ability.