Yardley Primary School

Nursery/Early Years Centre

There are lots of activities for you and your children to enjoy in our Nursery and Early Years Centre. Please check the timetable for details

Yardley Primary School


The prospectus is your guide to our school.


The school has a very strong work ethos. Pupils are expected to work hard and to the best of their ability at all times. Courtesy and good behaviour are prerequisites. We believe pupils come to school to learn and enjoy themselves. If lessons are enjoyed more is learnt. If all behave sensibly all can enjoy themselves and learn.


Yardley Primary School

Yardley Primary School

Yardley is an Academy School. Whilst we work very closely with a number of other schools we are not governed by a Local Authority. We take pupils from aged three to eleven years and consider ourselves as a community primary school.

We have a very good relationship with our parent body and together we strive to achieve for each individual child that joins us their maximum potential for academic, physical and social achievement.

We encourage children to become literate and numerate with high levels of spoken, investigative and problem solving skills, together with a balanced view of the world. Equally important we promote social skills such as co-operation, tolerance, care for oneself and others and good manners.

December Update

*SANTA RUN / CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY* Next week we have 2 fundraising days On Thursday we are organising a ‘Santa Run’. A short fun run around the school grounds with the children encouraged to....... Read more

December 2016

Dear Parents/Carers   Please take 5 minutes to visit the Apple App store or Google Play and download the ‘Yardley Primary Chingford’ App. Once installed it will be a quick and efficient way of....... Read more

November 2016

Dear Parents/Carers   *Christmas Carol Concerts* The dates of the Christmas Carol concerts are as follows. All of them start at 9.15am Monday 19th December – Key Stage 1 (Classes 10, 10s, 11 and 12) Tuesday 20th....... Read more