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Class 14

We will upload latest newsletters here with information regarding what the children are doing in class each half term.


Class 14 have been getting very festive!

Class 14 are excited about winter - let's hope they get some snow!

Class 14 have been creating a display on Diwali, and the cold. The Diwali Story: the class read the Diwali story and painted big pictures of the main characters: Rama, Sita and Ratana. They also created their own Mendhi designs by drawing around their hand and adding detail after looking up ideas on the internet. Cold pictures: We have been taking about the changes between Autumn and winter and how the weather now feels cold a lot of the time. We discussed colours that remind us of the cold and experimented with different colours and textures to create ‘cold pictures’.

Here is a picture of our firework display. The children made art work every afternoon to complete all aspects of firework night: fire works, bonfires the lit up night sky and sparklers.

Some work from the first few weeks of term.