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Yardley Primary School

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Pastoral Care

As well as academically, the school aims to best prepare our pupils socially and emotionally. As well as delivering lessons on social and emotional issues through our PSHE and Thinking Skills curriculum, we also have a set of systems in place to help children deal with social issues, emotional difficulties, disagreements and any other worries or concerns they may have. Some of these systems are pupil led which helps children with their understanding of roles of responsibility.


 These include;


  • A trained member of staff who acts as a counsellor/mentor and is available for pupils who may want to discuss a worry with an adult.
  • Peer mediators - older pupils who mediate between low-level disagreements in the playground.
  • Playground leaders - both in KS1 and KS2, to encourage others to get involved in playground activities.
  • Games club - a supervised area where children who would prefer to play board games, read or draw can go to at playtimes.
  • Lego club - led by the SENCo, small groups work together to improve collaborative and communication skills.
  • School Council - Meets half termly so that pupils can raise any issues or have a voice in improvements that could be made to the school.
  • Transition sessions - To help children who may be nervous about the move to secondary school.
  • Monitors - Year 6 pupils supervising and helping younger around the school at playtimes.


If appropriate, the school will also work with outside agencies such as 'Early Help', bereavement counsellors and play therapists to help children and families get the support they require.


The school takes pride in the good behaviour and manners that pupils in the school demonstrate. For more detail regarding how the school deals with instances of behaviour that does not meet this high standard can be found in our behaviour policy.