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Ofsted and Performance Data

Due to the global pandemic there were no national assessments tests for any year group for the academic years 2019-20 and 2020-21. These will return in 2022.


Our academic outcomes for 2018-19 were as follows.

National Assessment Tests


Key Stage 2


Reading 93% met expected level with 56% achieving greater depth. Average scaled score 110. Average progress score +2.1 (national average for progress is measured as 0)


Maths 93% met expected level with 55% greater depth. Average scaled score 110. Average progress score +2.0


Writing 93% achieved expected level with 49% achieving greater depth. Average progress score +1.5


Combined Reading, Writing and Maths 90% met expected level with 39% achieving combined greater depth


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 91% met expected level with 59% achieving greater depth. Average scale score 110


SubjectYardley Expected %National % ExpectedYardley Greater Depth %National % Greater Depth




Key Stage 1


Subject Yardley Reading Expected % National Reading Expected Yardley Greater Depth % National Greater Depth Expected %
Reading 92 75 54 25
Maths 90 76 46 22
Writing 85 65 44 15
Combined 81 65 36 11


In the Year 1 Phonics assessment tests, 92% achieved the pass mark (national average 83%)


Early Years Foundation Stage

90% of pupils achieved 'good' development (national average 72%)

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and links to the school performance data for 2017-18