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Uniform Information

School Uniform


Children are expected to wear sensible and suitable clothing for school. There is an established school uniform. It is not compulsory but every effort is made to encourage the wearing of it and to promote a belief in its value.




White polo shirt

Grey skirt or trousers/leggings

Yardley sweatshirt

Bottle green cardigan or jumper

Summer dress - green/white check

Black shoes/trainers

White polo shirt

Grey trousers

Yardley sweatshirt

Bottle green jumper or cardigan

Grey socks

Black shoes/trainers


School uniform can be ordered at school and supplied through the school office. Sizes and prices are below. They keep stock of all sizes should you wish to get your child to try it on for size before purchasing.


All children need plimsolls or a change of trainers for P.E./Games - they are absolutely essential for all PE. Parents are also asked to provide a PE bag - these too are available from school.


Any items that will be worn predominantly outside, such as hats and coats, can be any colour or brand.


All items of personal clothing should be clearly marked with the child's name. The school does not accept responsibility for lost items. You would believe how many un-named items of clothing we end up with each year!


Items of school uniform which are on sale in the school through the school office:


Polar fleece                                  £11.50

Rainjacket                                     £15.00

Sweatshirt with logo                     £11.00

Cardigan with logo                       £11.00

Yellow PE top                               £3.50

Book bag with logo                      £6.50

PE Bag with logo                          £5.00


The school makes no profit on school uniform and sells the items on at cost price. There is no requirement that pupils need to wear the jumpers or cardigans with the school logo. Parents are more than welcome to have their child wear any bottle green jumper or cardigan bought from a supermarket.