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Late/Absence Procedures

The advantages of good attendance cannot be over-emphasised. Every effort is made to encourage children in this respect. Where and when absences occur parents are asked to phone giving reasons for absence or submit written explanation.


Visits to clinics, hospitals etc. for medical reasons are not counted as unauthorised absences provided evidence is given, preferably in advance by a written note or appointment card. Family holidays should not be taken in term time. Department of Education guidelines state that absence can only be authorised for 'exceptional circumstances'.


Parents requiring children to be released during school time (e.g. visits to clinics etc.) should make the request in advance. For any known absence the appropriate form, obtained from the school office, must be completed well in advance of the proposed absence and returned to the office.


If a child is off school due to illness, please inform the school office at the earliest possible opportunity, preferable on the morning of the initial absence.


Persistent, intermittent and prolonged absences are followed up by the school and scrutinised by the Education Welfare Officer acting for the Local Authority on behalf of the school. If parents cannot be assisted in ensuring that their children attend school regularly the matter will be passed over for court action.