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Yardley Primary School

Enabling children to reach their full potential


Who's Who

School Leadership Team

Chris Evans - Headteacher

Susanna Odysseas - Deputy Headteacher and SENCo

Doug Sharp - Assistant Headteacher

Stavros Karayiannis - Assistant Headteacher


Class Teachers 2021-22

Year 6 - Miss Spraget (Upper School lead)/Mrs Stuart

Year 5 - Mr Tiritanou/Mrs Matter & Mr Sharp

Year 4 - Mr Reddick/Miss West

Year 3 - Mrs Samuels (Lower School Lead)/Mrs Sutherland

Year 2 - Miss Emerson/Miss Derrick

Year 1 - Mrs Folami/Miss Ali

Reception - Mr Karayiannis/Miss Khanom

Nursery - Fiona Henderson/Mrs Arnold/Mrs Lines/Mrs Good


Non-Class Based teaching staff

Mr Karayiannis (EYFS lead)/Miss Roberts/Miss Legault/Mrs Holmes


Office Manager - Pauline Dorney

Office Staff - Mrs Flower, Mrs Hardie, Miss Riley, Miss Beaseley

School Site Officer - Chris Spinola


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Loftin/Mrs O'Dwyer/Mrs Clarke/Mrs Vundum/Mrs Middleton/Mrs Emerson/Mrs Waidson/Mrs Moss/Mrs Zafar


Pupil Mentor

Mrs Burke


Special Needs Assistants

Mrs Wallis/Mrs Makela/Mrs Flower/Mrs Goulding/Miss Smith/Mrs Carpenter/Miss Arscott/Mrs Kiss


Class teachers are available to discuss any issues or questions you might have before or after school. If you think the issue may need a lengthier discussion then please arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet. 

To discuss any issues or questions with the Headteacher, please make an appointment through the office.