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Guidance and Expectations for Remote Learning

During the week beginning 11th January - Teachers will conduct a minimum of 2 live maths lessons and 2 live English lessons for each child. This will increase to 3 maths and 3 English lessons per week from the 18th January. It is really important that children attend these when they are timetabled. If your child is too ill to attend or has a valid reason why they are unable to take part, please email the teacher to let them know in advance. School staff will be contacting parents if children are not attending their timetabled sessions

Some basic etiquettes for the live lessons:


  • Please join the session on time so they can start promptly. Teachers are conducting these lessons in small groups which means they are teaching multiple group sessions in the day so it is important that they start on time.
  • Be dressed appropriately – some children have appeared online in pajamas last week. It will be important for children to have some kind of routine over these coming weeks and getting up early and getting dressed is part of that.
  • Do not record lessons.
  • Children to put themselves on mute unless instructed otherwise.
  • For younger pupils, parents supervising will obviously be helpful. It would be preferable if parents (and any siblings) could try to stay off screen as much as possible.


Each child will be set daily work for English, Maths and at least one other subject. We also expect children to do a minimum of 15mins daily exercise. Teachers will send out links to the 5 a day website which the school subscribes to which has short, fun workout routines. There is also the expectation that, in line with our normal homework policy, children read daily, practice spellings and practice their times tables (or other set number bonds).


As, for the majority of pupils, all work is going to be ‘homework’; other than reading, spellings and tables practice, no additional homework tasks will be set for pupils whether in school or at home.


We expect children to complete each of these daily tasks. At the moment, a small amount of children are picking and choosing which tasks to attempt and there needs to be the expectation from parents and pupils that all work set is completed. Teachers will be actively available during the normal school hours of 9am to 3.30pm to interact with pupils via Seesaw, Google Meet and email. After this time they will be marking and preparing activities so may not be directly available.


Yardley is in the same situation as all schools in the country, in that we have needed to completely reconfigure how we teach our pupils at very short notice but we were well placed to move to remote learning with everything we put in place earlier last year.  With the additional aspect of live lessons, there may be a few glitches along the way. If you are having any problems with the remote learning then please contact your child’s teacher. If you have any suggestions on how we can further enhance our remote learning as we move forward then, please feel free to email them in.