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Information for parents bringing children to school from June 1st



This information is for children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 who have informed us that their children will be returning to school from Monday 1st June and for the parents of those keyworker children that have been attending over the last 10 weeks.


Please refer to the previous document with regards the health, safety and hygiene measures that will be in place. This document is to let you know the practicalities of bringing your child to school from 1st June

From Monday, children in the eligible year groups can return if they have told us they are coming. We look forward to welcoming some of you back to school. However, there will be some changes. Firstly, due to the guidance of having groups no bigger than 15, demand means we will be running additional groups. Currently we will be running these groups;


Nursery – AM Nursery only

Reception – 2 groups

Year 1 – 3 groups

Year 2/3 Keyworker group – 1 group

Year 4/5 Keyworker group – 1 group

Year 6 – 3 groups


Therefore, a small amount of pupils from each class will not be with their own teachers in Year 1 and Year 6. Mrs Samuels will be leading the additional Year 1 group and Mrs Roberts/Mrs Stuart will be taking the additional Year 6 group. Pupils will be directed to their groups when they arrive on Monday morning.


To reduce the amount of parents on site we will be operating a staggered start times and finish times. If you are bringing in children from more than one year group bring them in at the EARLIEST time. Staff will be in classrooms to welcome children who may be arriving earlier with siblings and staff will be in the playgrounds helping children get to class promptly. Year 6 pupils must be accompanied to and from school with an adult, even if previously they came in on their own, but they will be dropped off at the main school gates.



Start time

End time

Entry via




Junior doors

Year 2/3 keyworker



Hall doors

Year 4/5 keyworker



Main school Entrance

Year 1



Upper and lower Infant doors




Class 13/14 doors




Nursery doors


Classes will be exiting through the same doors they entered. Please remember to stay 2 metres apart when waiting for your children. Whenever possible, only 1 adult should come onto site and without siblings who are not attending school (unless in a pram of pushchair).


To help adapt to a one way system around the school grounds, please keep to the left at all times. There are arrows on the floor in the playground to help everyone follow this.


There will be no breakfast club, afterschool club or key stage 2 homework club.


Children of keyworkers in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will go back into their appropriate year groups from Monday and can be collected at 3.30pm like the other children of keyworkers. They will be supervised by one of the adults in their group after their classmates have gone home.


If your child has an asthma pump or epipen please ensure these come into school with your child on Monday. They will stay with them in the classroom.


PE kits should be in school.


Pupils should bring in a reusable and labelled water bottle as water fountains will not be in use.

Reading books will continue to come into school in the morning and back home at the end of each day.

There will be staggered lunchtimes and playtimes.


Parents should not enter the school buildings at anytime. If you need to talk to a member of staff, please make an appointment via the school the school office or the year group email addresses.


After an initial settling period, children in Nursery, Rec, Year 1 and Year 6 will return to a curriculum as close to the regular curriculum as before. For this reason, as under normal circumstances, we ask that pupils in these year groups attend each day Monday to Friday to aid continuity of learning.


The keyworker groups will continue with an adapted curriculum with time allowed for them to complete the activities on Seesaw which their own teacher has set.


A reminder for all parents that if you have not confirmed with the school that you are attending on Monday, please do not turn up as it may not be possible to accommodate you.


Finally, please remember that the school are having to make significant changes to how we operate, both physically and through providing online activities. It may be necessary to make changes once we see what works and what doesn’t but all decisions will be taken with the what is in the best interests for the children, both their safety and their education, as the foremost consideration.